Case studies of Awqaf Properties and their development in Bangladesh


  • Dr. Abu Ayub Md. Ibrahim



Awqaf Property, Waqf System, Waqf Management, Waqf Administration, Cash Waqf and Bangladesh


Waqf system is one of the most effective resolutions of Islam for social welfare of humankind. Waqf is the only kind of charitable system where working capital remains undiminished. Waqf system had been in effect in different Islamic State from the early age of Islam. It is found to be prevailed in Bangladesh also even before the advent of Islam in the region. But no informative, organized and authentic research on the Waqf Management had been carried out here due to lack of historical evidence, documentation and proper initiative. The objective of this research work is to depict the scenario of overall Waqf System of Bangladesh abridged. The brief introduction to Waqf, present scenario in the country, important stakeholders, the relevant laws prevailing waqf model in Bangladesh, inception of cash waqf in the country – in a nutshell, gross overview of waqf management in Bangladesh, its challenges, do’s and don’ts in its developments etc. have been discussed here. Most of the information has been extracted from secondary sources except essentially in some cases from primary sources. Due to inadequacy of information, overall scenario of waqf system of Bangladesh could not be depicted completely. However, propagation and practice of waqf system holds a bright prospect in Bangladesh as compared to other countries of the world due to the fact of 90% among 16 crores of its population being Muslim. If joint initiative is taken by Government, national & international organizations, hopefully induction of Waqf System would be gradually increased in Bangladesh.




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