The Triplex Entity: An Investigation Into Meaningless Nonsense


  • Naruhiko Mikado



This research note intends, first, to provide a clear exposition of
“meaningless nonsense”, a philosophical concept propounded
by Japanese philosopher Masaya Chiba, and, second, to indicate
its potential to broaden and deepen one’s perspective. To
achieve the aims, the discussion is conducted in the following
order: after an introduction which succinctly reviews previous
studies of Chiba’s thought, the first part elucidates the precise
context in which “meaningless nonsense” was invented, and
clarifies that the neologism, as an uncountable, stands for being
unambiguously noninterpretable and, as a countable, means an
object as that which exists in such a state; thereupon, the second
part presents a hypothesis that one could innovate one’s
worldview by regarding everything as a “meaningless nonsense”
because it enables one to deem an object as a triplex entity—as a
finitely significant being, as a potentially infinitely polysemic
existence, and as an unambiguously noninterpretable body.




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Naruhiko Mikado. (2021). The Triplex Entity: An Investigation Into Meaningless Nonsense. Bangladesh Journal of Integrated Thoughts, 17(1).



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