Islamic State and Jeopardy of Totalitarianism Portrayed in Animal Farm & Nineteen- Eighty-Four


  • Mahmoda Khaton Siddika



George Orwell in his Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four rereads the jeopardy of totalitarianism in a pessimistic way. The totalitarian world in these novels creates a society of deprivation, oppression, terror, where everyone is in fear of punishment. In Animal Farm, George Orwell upholds how totalitarianism is exercised on society step by step and has created a controlled society. Everyone knows the truth but dare not expose it. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the gentle practice of totalitarianism in Animal farm has turned into a frighteningly serious physical horrors and mental tortures of people that show the power of the totalitarian party. But, Islamic state propounds peaceful personal life, absolute truth and harmonious atmosphere based on equality and universal brotherhood, for the omniscient and omnipotence of Allah is recognized and the example of Hazrat Mohammod (SAAS) is exercised in this state. This paper explores how the personal life, mental tranquility, optimistic expectation are pulverized under the all powerful hand of the totalitarian government, above all, the pessimistic and the serious jeopardy it poses to society in Orwell‟s Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four and how Islamic state is a melting place of the jeopardy of totalitarianism offering a serene and pacific shelter of all human beings.




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Mahmoda Khaton Siddika. (2020). Islamic State and Jeopardy of Totalitarianism Portrayed in Animal Farm & Nineteen- Eighty-Four. Bangladesh Journal of Integrated Thoughts, 8(11).



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